Having collaborated on some of the earliest BIM deliverable schemes in East and West Yorkshire over the past 5 years, we work with estates owners, main contractors, property developers, designers, facilities managers, manufacturers and client agents, implementing BIM through businesses and projects alike utilising our innovative 3-step ‘Target, Test, Track’ process.

Our founders Ian Yeo and Scott Pilgrims’ complimentary skill sets and visions evolved into a wish to inspire the future of building via BIM. By fusing collaboration, innovation and affordability, our vision is to make BIM easier for all to adopt.

We are not only focussed on making life easier for the client and asset owner, but also for project teams, as we believe better collaboration results in better buildings and better data, enabling better informed estate development decisions.

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We help clients develop and convey Building Information Modelling (BIM) requirements and expectations, policing design and delivery outputs. We digitally build an asset before it is physically built, in order to reduce risks related to time, quality, cost and safety.

Collaborative working is central to our approach to guiding estates, design and project teams to work together as one wider team to successfully deliver the clients vision..

We enable quality BIM through clarity, brevity and innovation. We ensure that we produce simple and affordable BIM by combining creativity and innovation with technology and strategy. We develop original solutions that make ‘clever’ simple and ‘simple’ clever with the aim of creating services and products at affordable prices. This is what sets us apart.

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Meet the leadership team


Ian Yeo
BIM Director + Data Scientist

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Scott Pilgrim
Marketing Director + UX Designer

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Tim Mutlow
ICT Director + Computer Scientist

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Our training is truly tailor-made and delivered with timescales to suit your availability, not ours.

We take time to assess the wider needs of your business along with the role of your proposed delegates before developing training modules that suit their responsibilities.

This process ensures we deliver important individual-specific training so that delegates can directly relate BIM benefits against their day-to-day responsibilities, resulting in greater interest and knowledge.

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The start of your BIM journey with BIMsense will always begin with a free and no obligation BIMchat.

Our chat begins by getting to know you and your business before following with a discussion around your BIM perceptions and reasons for getting in touch. We then provide a basic BIM update providing you with some awareness of what BIM is and what we do. The discussion completes with the identification of potential BIM benefits suitable to your needs.

A detailed proposal will then be provided should you wish to proceed.

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