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– the act or process of changing the image of a company or one of its products or services, for example by changing its name or by advertising it in a different way (Oxford Dictionary)


The company has been through some big changes in the past few years.

We’ve moved offices, the team has grown, and evolved – along with our plans for the future.

Although our ethos was and remains ‘building intelligence’, through the new brand we are keen to further emphasise our advancing digital capabilities behind our products & services that enable smart buildings and keeps BIM simple for our clients.


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What’s the Meaning Behind the New Brand?

Making sense of BIM is simply what we do. The square brackets represent two key elements for us: they are commonly used for enclosing data sets, representing the vast amount of data we include in our 3D models; they are similarly used in the English language to clarify something, paralleling the way we clarify the information we receive through our model checks.

By simplifying the brand, it also becomes easier to understand for the wider market as we have ambitions to expand beyond the UK.


But What Was Wrong with the Old Brand? 

There are some key issues we have encountered with our previous brand…

  1. No-one knows how to pronounce our name!  It’s Bimsense! Not B-I-M-sense!
  2. The logo simply had too much going on. We wanted to reflect our ethos of keeping BIM simple.


Although we’re changing our image, we remain similarly passionate and dedicated in our mission to empower estates teams, in order to create healthier, happier communities for a more connected world.


– The Bimsense Team



Author: Alison Rolfe
Editor: Scott Pilgrim
Published: 18 Mar 2019
Last Updated: 18 Mar 2019



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