Frequently Asked Questions


Does BIMsense provide BIM support and consultancy?

We do: we have considerable experience in delivering BIM projects.

Please contact us and we will get back to you to discuss your needs.

I need help

No problem. Please let us know how we can help.  We will always respond to support requests as soon as possible (and by the latest the next working day).

Target - EIR & BEP

Can BIMsense provide a bespoke EIR and BEP?

Yes, we provide project specific EIRs and BEPs for high profile estate clients, designers and main contractors

We understand that our online EIR and BEP does not have an infinite number of options and sometimes your project will require bespoke requirements. Allow us to solve your problems by letting us know what your requirements are.

Can I update the information within my EIR or BEP?

Absolutely, the BIMsense EIR & BEP has been designed to enable the information that you have provided to be fully editable.

The information may be amended as many times as required.

EIRs & BEPs should not be one-time static document, they should evolve to represent the changing needs of a project.

Where can I find more information about BIM terms?

We are always available to help you on your BIM journey.

You can contact us directly or visit our sister site BIMtoolbox which contains lots of useful BIM information.

Why are some parts of the free EIR & BEP missing?

The BIMsense Free EIR & BEP contains enough information for a less complex BIM project. It also allows you to evaluate the BIMsense EIR & BEP to decide if upgrading would be beneficial.

How long will my project information remain available?

Each EIR & BEP that you develop will remain available indefinitely. This applies to the both the Free and Standard versions.

In addition, your information can be exported as a complete document at any time.

Test - Model Quality

Can the model data be quality checked?

Yes, the model data can be quality checked.

To enable us to verify the quality of the data we will need to be provided with the project data requirements (this is often contained with a project EIR), this will be required to establish what data requires checking

Project data requirements can be uploaded along with the model files.

How can I decrease the time taken to upload a model?

The model upload speed can depend on many factors including your data connection. There are two things that can be done:

  1. Compress your files: the size of model files can be considerably reduced by compressing to a zip file

  2. Provide us with a download link: rather than having to upload your file, you can provide a download link from your CDE

What type of model files can be checked?

We require model files in an IFC format. Most model authoring software can export to an IFC file.

IFC should be a frequent part of collaboration exchanges as IFC files are important for interoperability.

Track - Model Issues

Why do BCFs help to track model issues?

BCF model issues contain unique identifiers including a live view of the location of the issue. When a model is updated the existing issues are checked against the revised model to verify if the updates have resolved the issue.

What is a BCF?

BCF - BIM Collaboration Format is a file format that provides a method for communicating model issues.

BIMsense always provide a BCF of issues identified during a model quality check, in addition to our Model Quality Check Report.

BCF files contain text information detailing the issue and an image taken from the model.

The powerful part of BCF is that the image of the issue also contains data detailing the view that was used by the person creating the image.

This allows another member of a project team to take a created BCF, open it within their model authoring tool (this could be Revit) and directly view the issue within the model, rather than just seeing the 2-dimensional screenshot.

Comments about the issue and additional screenshots can be added by other team members, to create workflows and audit trails.

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