If Data is the New Oil, BIM is the Combustion Engine…and it’s About to Seize Up!

If data is the new oil, BIM is the combustion engine…and it’s about to seize up!

Responding to BIM Show Live 2020 call for papers, Bimsense plan a beginners guide to utilising Data Science for better BIM.


By Scott Pilgrim

“There are two types of BIM models in this world; those with incomplete data”

…which begs the question, is some data better than no data? Our proposed talk focuses on the importance of ‘Big Data’ being more than just about ‘Data’ and how data science could help the entire BIM brigade rid the world of inadequate data.

Whilst BIM data is plentiful and (should) be easy to collect, the real value is in the structure, relationships, analytics and ultimately, the end-users need and utilisation of data, otherwise, as the speakers Ian Yeo and Scott Pilgrim will ask the audience, what’s the point?

If successful in their application, Ian and Scott will present an interactive case for self-learning data science to better understand, coordinate and validate BIM data and it’s realistic potential to help clients reduce their OPEX lifecycle costs.

Using one screen for providing achingly simple graphics, Ian will deliver his Top 6 data science and Big BIM Data insights. Utilising a second screen, Scott will interact with the audience by encouraging them to get involved with their phones to dispel some myths and take a stab at some BIM and data related statistics, before Ian presents the facts based on the following modules;

1. In BIM Gods we trust (all others must bring data).
2. Bad BIM worries about graphics (good BIM worries about data).
3. You can have BIM data without information (but you cannot have information without BIM data).
4. Errors using inadequate BIM data (are much less than those using no data at all).
5. Machine Learning and Data Science are critical skills (in mastering next-generation BIM).
6. The future of BIM data is ours to shape (but it’s a race between the growing power of technology and the growing wisdom we need to manage it).

Yes, it’s a techy talk on data science we’re proposing, but by an experienced BIM management outfit that has learnt the ‘dark arts’ in order to not only deliver better data for its clients, but also to provide BIM management and coordination hacks that result in less time collating, structuring and validating data.

It’s a swift, interactive tour around the combustion engine that is the BIM model, proving how with the right data, the BIM driver will experience a much smoother ride!

The ever-growing Bimshow Live event will be held on the 26th and 27th February 2020.

We’d love to hear if you have any suggestions relating to our proposed talk content – please do forward your suggestions to scott.pilgrim@bimsense.co.uk.

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