Priority Schools Building Programme

Project Status: Complete

Priority Schools Building Programme: Armthorpe Academy, Ash Hill Academy and Guiseley School

Contractor: Galliford Try

Client: Department for Education

The Priority Schools Building Programme (PSBP) is £4.4 billion UK government-funded programme of targeted investment to rebuild and/or refurbish school buildings in the worst condition across the country of which there are two phases covering a total of 537 schools; including Armthorpe, Ash Hill and Guiseley.

Bimsense Services Provided

  • BIM Management

We adopted the preconstruction BIM Execution Plan (BEP) to ensure all BIM requirements are updated to suit construction stage requirements and delivery expectations.

  • BIM Coordination

We began by validating existing model information including both graphical and non-graphical checks before coordinating with the various design teams in order to collate all the required data in the BIM model, checking to ensure these matches with the client’s original Employers Information Requirements (EIR).

  • BIM Modelling

We coordinated the BIM model and all associated data, checking for clashes and errors before the build took place, in order to reduce CAPEX project risks.

Project Details


Generally speaking, there is still a skills gap within the industry that needs addressing. Existing workflows are in the process of changing in order to enable data to be added to 3D models.

From a project perspective, and whilst being a DfE contractor requirement, BIM was low on the priority list as it was seen as not having an immediate effect on the project compared to other operations. However, working with our client Galliford Try and their in-house design management team and BIM management personnel, we were able to take a proactive approach and highlight the benefits of early BIM intervention. Our collective aim was to maximise its long-term benefits for the end-user in terms of using data to help reduce OPEX lifecycle costs.


We began the process by identifying key responsibilities amongst the design team, main contractor, and supply chain for providing BIM data. We frequently communicated and followed up the necessary individuals to receive the information in a timely manner.

Once the information was ready for sharing, we provided the deliverables for information exchanges in line with the EIR and BEP. We then validated the COBie data against the requirements to ensure the client expectations were met. We provided positive feedback to help facilitate the need for changing habits, helping those in the supply chain develop their understanding of their responsibilities and improve how they deliver their BIM requirements.

Throughout the project we communicated current progress within meetings to keep the project on track, producing model quality reports (graphical and non-graphical)  to facilitate the build and reduce project risks whilst developing quality data to help the end-user reduce operational costs.


Bimsense helped us encourage a truly collaborative effort among the project team and help our clients achieve a greater return on their BIM investment.

Having worked closely with us, the client, and the design team, we are creating a data-rich-model that will be accessible by users such as the Facilities Management Team who will finally be able to reap the benefits of asset data captured within the model – Ian Pearson, Senior Design Manager at Galliford Try

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